Users usually stumble upon OLM to PST Conversions when the need to migrate from Outlook 2011 for Mac email client to Windows Outlook email client arises. We all know Outlook is one of the most popularly used software when it comes to email applications. But there is one main problem associated with Outlook email application, which presents itself when users need to migrate from Outlook 2011 email application to Windows Outlook one. Unfortunately there is no direct method available in Microsoft Outlook / Office 365 to import Outlook 2011 mails intoWindows Outlook format. This is where the OLM to PST Converter Pro tool comes into picture in the form of a highly proficient third party tool for smooth OLM to PST Conversions.


OLM is the file format used by Microsoft Outlook 2011. All of the Outlook 2011 data is stored in the form of OLM files.

On the other hand, PST is the file format used by Windows Outlook. All of the windows Outlook data is stored in the form of PST files.

OLM files do not open up properly in Windows Outlook application because of the mere reason that Windows Outlook requires PST files as a format compatible with it.

Hence the very reason OLM to PST Converter came into existence, just so that you could get done with Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook migration without having to get into any of the OLM to PST technicalities of the process.


  • Most Convenient OLM to PST Conversions

    Convert unlimited number of OLM files to PST Format keeping the file properties, hierarchy and internal structure intact during this conversion process. With this OLM to PST converter, you have all the tools and services you need to get converted OLM files to PST format without any interruption anywhere.

  • Most efficient OLM to PST Converter available in the market

    The developers of our OLM to PST Converter have come up with such advanced and competent software that with OLM to PST Converter, you can achieve twice the speed and twice the performance for all your OLM to PST Conversion process available anywhere in the market. We believe in developing the best we can and that is exactly what you get when you buy this OLM to PST converter.

  • Bulk OLM to PST conversions

    With this OLM to PST conversion software, Users are provided with the option to add single or multiple OLM files to be converted to PST file format. This feature is especially useful where there is a bulk of OLM files that needs to be converted to PST format, thus saving users’ valuable time and being one of the most productive software for OLM to PST conversion process.

  • Most Interactive OLM to PST Conversion Interface

    OLM to PST Converter is designed such that it will always show its user’s the number of emails migrated from OLM format to PST while the process is going on, which is a highly user friendly approach and specifically added to make the OLM to PST Conversion process not a complicated techy procedure that only computer Geeks can follow.


28 Sep 2014