Importing OLM files to Outlook Windows PST file format is a difficult task. The challenges that show up are not easy to handle and overcome. It requires certain level of technology to achieve the objective successfully.

Unluckily, majority of the tools lack the level of competency required to pull the task through. Some even create new problems, instead of giving an optimal solution.

This is where we come in. We designed “OLM to PST Converter” to provide users the complete solution for all the OLM to PST conversion needs. The technology used is the most effective one that will make the overall task totally efficient and time saving.

We designed the interface to the simplest level. The wizard screens will guide you systematically, and you can convert your OLM to PST files in just few simple steps.

Why Convert OLM to PST?

Mac outlook saves the data in OLM format. However, OLM files are not compatible with Windows Outlook. You simply cannot take those OLM files and import them to Outlook for windows. First, you need to convert those OLM files to the format that Microsoft Outlook supports and then you can access your content. Microsoft Outlook supports PST files.

When clients use Microsoft Outlook, It saves the data into PST format. It does so because PST format has several uses and benefits that facilitate working and managing with emails. However, it does not support any other file format other than PST.

Therefore, we need to convert OLM to PST to migrate all the content from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. Moreover, we need to do so effectively and cautiously, without wasting much time, without losing data and without compromising data integrity.

“OLM to PST converter” does it perfectly

“OLM to PST Converter” converts the files from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook perfectly.

It converts-

- Without any data loss,

- Without any data integrity issues,

- Without wasting much time, and

- Without any confusion

“What sets it apart” Features!

“OLM to PST converter” separates itself from the market based on these three significant features-

Its the Only Mac App to Convert OLM to PST File Format : It runs directly on Mac. This feature alone makes it one of the best tools in the market. Using windows solutions is very tedious, time wasting and confusing for common users.You can install it directly on your Mac and start converting OLM files to PST.

Convert Multiple OLM files:  Are you worried about converting each OLM file separately? Do not be.

“OLM to PST Converter” converts all the OLM files to PST altogether. There is no need to choose one OLM file separately and then convert it to PST. That is yet again an old, inefficient, and uneconomical method of mediocre tools.

Updates FREE, and for whole lifetime-  Technology change very quickly. To keep up with it, we constantly update our software. This ensures the constant performance over time, without any unexpected compatibility issues or other type of errors.

The good news? You get these updates free, and for your whole lifetime. Never pay anything again after your first payment.

Other Qualities

- Simplicity: Interactive interface comprises self-explanatory wizard screens that guide the users systematically towards the objective of OLM to PST conversion.

- Fast speed: It takes no time to convert OLM to PST. The efficient technology ensures the quick conversions, saving your valuable time, and increasing the overall productivity.

- Safety assured: Data loss and corruption is one of the biggest concerns for the users. Luckily, you do not have to worry about it anymore. Your files are perfectly safe and secure.

Salient features

- Preserves folder hierarchy

- Preserves email attachments

- Préserves Unicode content (Non-English content)

- Thorough conversion of contacts, tasks, calendar items

Cost to Import OLM to PST

Well, you must be wondering what such a tool would cost?

We have managed to keep our promise of keeping the cost well within the range of the users. “OLM to PST Converter Pro” is available in three different packages, suited for specific needs and budgets.

So, go ahead, choose the one that fits best to your needs and experience a completely new experience of email conversions.

With the full purchase, you get free lifetime updates. In addition, you get a dedicated team of support as well that is always willing to help you in any way possible.

Click here to Download the Trial and Click here to purchase if you are convinced and want to purchase right away. You will not be disappointed.

18 Aug 2014